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Tax Debts

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Practice Areas

Debt Collection

We have a system whereby debt collection can be effected at very affordable rates.

Business Reconstruction

How to reconstruct and recover your business if the business is encountering financial problems, without recourse to legal solutions?


At the time when a person declares their bankruptcy, the whole of their indebtedness is "wiped out". What a relief!

General Business Law

No matter how long you've been in business, there comes a time when you will need legal assistance.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We have extensive experience in the many Litigation and Associated Services

Property & Finance

Brown and Partners has extensive expertise in the areas of Property and Finance Law.

Personal Law

Brown & Partners is able to provide assistance in Personal Legal Services including civil litigation, bankruptcy and family law .


A secured creditor will invariably have the power under the security documents to appoint a receiver to take control of the secured assets.

Surviving the legal matrix

If you’re like most businesses, there will come a time when things just aren’t going how you want them to go, it could be because of current economic conditions, major clients may have changed their spending patterns or worse still,  gone bust on you or a new competitor has emerged on the scene or it could be one of hundreds of other reasons.

You and those around you know just how much time and money you have invested into building something for yourself and your family’s future. Since you are sosurvival-300-300-compressor close to your business and so involved in it, you often don’t see problem arising and then can’t see all the options that are available to you, that’s when you really need to get help – someone to provide a new set of eyes in your business and a new set of ears to hear your problems and more importantly guide you through what are the best solutions for the business. With over 40 years of experience of dealing with businesses of all sizes, David Brown and his team of fully qualified solicitors and accountants have learnt a lot about what makes businesses tick, and why some succeed and grow and why others don’t and end up forcing the owner into major debt or worse.

Now it’s up to you to take the next step, whether that is to do nothing and watch things go from bad to worse or contact David Brown and arrange an analysis of your business situation and receive recommendations on what to do next. If you want to know how to increase your success rate in collecting problem debts and avoid problems developing in your business, just click here to learn about a totally new approach we have put together.


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Our Staff

David Brown


Principal Solicitor

David Alexander Brown is a highly experienced solicitor, specializing in company, commercial and insolvency Law.

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Olga has worked in the areas of commercial law, litigation, insolvency, winding up and conveyancing.

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Tim Maniprize


General Manager

Tim Mainprize is a qualified Chartered Accountant, He has held senior executive roles in listed Australian companies.

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Administrative Officer

Silvana joined Brown & Partners in 2008. She manages reception and office administration.

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Business guides

Aug 16 / Posted by David Brown

12 Point Checklist

Some Important Responsibilities/Obligations of Directors: Does any director have a contract with the company? And does this give rise to any conflicts of interest between any director and the company? Are all registers kept and maintained up to date? General offences Particulars of registered office to be kept current Register of Directors to be kept […]

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Jul 5 / Posted by David Brown

The Australian Taxation Office Directors ...

The ATO has a number of ways to recover debts from companies and directors, one being via a director penalty notice whereby the Tax Office can issue these notices to directors to make them personally liable for two types of company tax debts, namely: Pay-As-You-Go Withholding Tax (PAYG) Superannuation Guarantee Charge (SGC) There are two types of […]

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Full length of stressed businessman sitting on steps outside office

Jun 21 / Posted by David Brown

Financial problems faced by business

        Generally speaking, and in the first instance, only a drastic reduction in overheads or a substantial injection of capital can return a business to profitability assuming that this is achievable, otherwise some formal treatment will be required. If a return to profitability is possible, the directors of a company should immediately […]

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Jun 6 / Posted by David Brown

What is Voluntary Administration?

A company that should consider a Voluntary Administration is one that is insolvent and needs a deal with creditors in a formal way. A Voluntary Administrator is the person appointed by the directors and must be a Registered Liquidator who can assess all the options available, and recommend the best outcome for the company and […]

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May 30 / Posted by David Brown

Understanding Bankruptcy

There be alternatives. Once you have been declared bankrupt you give up control of your finances and assets to a Trustee in exchange for protection from legal action being taken against. Depending on your financial situation, there may be alternatives to bankruptcy such as formal arrangements. Bankruptcy has consequences which you should know about, as […]

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May 9 / Posted by David Brown

People who cannot buy a home are told to get ...

If Government were to embark on a capital expenditure program (Good Debt), developing a system for the movement of water from the North of Australia where there is in more abundant supply for a sizeable part of the year, down through and into Western and Central Queensland and Western and Central NSW, there would be […]

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Apr 5 / Posted by David Brown

Business Risk Advisory Advice

Providing good business advice is a highly specialised area that requires experience, skill and judgement.

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Aug 22 / Posted by David Brown

Personal Asset Risk Reduction Strategies

Directors should be fully informed about their duties and obligations to avoid exposing them to personal liability.

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