Business Risk Advisory Advice

“Be aware of unsolicited and unqualified so called Business Advisers”

Providing good business advice is a highly specialised area that requires experience, skill and judgement. Too often, the wrong advice is provided by ‘a friend of a friend’ or a so called “mate” often seeking a personal benefit. They are unqualified people, posing as ’solution providers’ without qualifications.

More often than not, these people are providing ‘false hope’ to business owners who are in trouble and looking for quick and easy solutions. These unqualified people often pose as ‘pre insolvency specialists taking a large fee which is in turn a liquidator associate.

The business men and women should look to qualified and experienced people when faced with these significant challenges.

Our firm has long been a campaigner to rid the market of these unscrupulous operators, as has ASIC.

We have highly experienced solicitors, who has been specializing in company, commercial and insolvency Law for over 40 years. We have directed this insolvency practice into the business reconstruction end of the market, and are respected in the industry for our innovation, ability to resolve difficult situations in everybody’s best interests and understanding of the realities of ‘the market-place’.