Free face-to-face 15 minutes video conferencing (for new clients only). This 15 minutes consulting is subject to change under certain conditions*.


Terms and Conditions for free video conference

1. The time and day for the free consultation is subject to change at the discretion of the firm.
2. The service available only to the person seeking advice and not for any other person on that person’s behalf.
3. The inquiry must be in relation to a matter which our practice services:

  1. Company matters
  2. Litigation
  3. Deceased Estates
  4. Financial matters – Bankruptcy, company Insolvency
  5. Tax Debts


This free video consultation conference will be recorded. Any advice given is tentative only and based upon the information provided and should not in any circumstances be acted on or relied upon unless and until the firm has a complete understanding of the clients problem or an advice is provided to you by the firm in writing.